mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Daria managing hot cristiano ronaldo

Vogue US, you made my day!
Vogue US featured Daria Werbowy and Cristiano Ronaldo in its standard editorial with a model and an athlete.
Okay, this editorial is from 2007 but whatever.

Those pictures are perfect.
Daria is stunning in the business woman role driving Mister hottest soccer football player's life.
And Cristiano is damn good looking too, be honest.

I dare anyone of you to tell me those pictures do not represent heaven ... cause it does, and I wanna go now.

The absolute white party

(Zara dress and blazer, Asos bag, New Look shoes, OPI "No room for the blues" nailpolish)

The white party should be compulsory everysummer (well it is for me)
I used to celebrate it in Buffalo with my friends but now it spread all over the world and luckily for me, in my town.
I waited for this party wayyyyy too long. The night was perfect, we danced all night long like we always do and my friends were all very pretty

So I had to go shopping to find the perfect, white, mini dress (Mini because you can't imagine how hot it is and how sweaty you end up).
Right now, there are sales everywhere in France so I took all of my courage to front the crowd of crazy girls fighting for clothes and it was quiet a success I have to say.
I found this amazing dress at Zara. It's very white and not see-through at all (which is kind of rare for white clothes), and it also had an amazing cleavage in the back which was really sexy.

I'll let you know later about my others diamonds found during the sales!

PS: Yes I finally did my bangs and my camera was sweaty too

lundi 12 juillet 2010

I know I was right about her

Nicole Richie has received the "entrepreneur of the year award" by Glamour UK magazine.
And she (once again) looks stunning

samedi 10 juillet 2010

Favourite outfits of the past few weeks

Girls, you amaze me with all those combinations of clothes which are incredible!

dimanche 4 juillet 2010

I dare you to undress me

I found incredible and very funny dresses tonight while surfing on the web!
The 1st one is a picture of Lady Gaga wearing a Hello Kitty plush dress for the 35th anniversary of the brand.
The 2nd one is a picture of a dress entirely made out of chocolate ... I bet some boys would appreciate this.
The 3rd one is a picture of a dress made out of ... condoms! Yes, Im serious. When I saw it, my first reaction was "oh this dress is cute" and then, I looked closer and saw the condoms and was like "uhhhhhhhhh maybe not" AHAHA.
The 4th one is a picture of a wedding dress made out of more than 2000 peacocks feathers. The dress is incredible and unique and ONLY costs 1,5 million $.
The 5th one is a picture of a dress made out of M&M's papers. I thought it was cute and its a good idea to recycle.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and have a good night

Happy 4th of July

(Giselle Bundchen for David Lachapelle, Asos t-shirt, Converse shoes, K9knittersusa dog sweater, Hello Kitty by Victoria Couture tank, Junk Food t-shirt)

I forgot to say something today : Happy birthday America!

I love the USA so Im dedicating this post to this wonderful country and to its wonderful people!
Happy 4th of July to all my american fellas, I hope they'll be great fireworks, burgers and parties for you!

what you wanna buy / what you can buy

The Alexa from Mulberry has been my most wanted bag for a couple of months now but I have to be realistic, its a little bit too expensive so it'll stay my dream bag.
But if you go to Topshop, you can get a pretty great copy of it for only 65 €... when the real one is 850 €.
Plus, you won't need to be hiding from your banker

These boots are made for walking

May I introduce to you my new obsession.

Sam Edelman. He makes incredible shoes and I fell for this pair.